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We work with sustainability from an ecological perspective, where the children will learn to plant and grow and take care of our environment. We can offer nature experience in our own garden - we take care of our environment together. 

In the preschool we work with ecological products, the materials from nature and non-toxic materials. We learn how to make things grow, we experiment science and nature together with the children. 


We focus on movement and health. We offer the children a lot of time in our lovely garden. We plan for activities of movement several days a week. We have challenging and exciting areas in the garden for the children to explore.  


We have a plan that in the future we will be able to serve a good, healthy and nutritional lunch. 

We strive to cooperate with the local producers of food. 

Cooperation with the families and the city


 With a drop-in library and Ludoteca some of the afternoons, we will offer the children's families and the visitors of the city a space for playing and learning our facilities. We will have areas for creating,there will be a Legocorner, various games, besides our multicultural library where you can read books in many different languages. 

We plan to have lectures for families and teachers in cooperation with other preschools, schools and parents. 

Besides this we are planning to have courses in baking with parents and children, and also classes of physical activities together with the families. 

Everyone that comes to Lilla Snigel should feel welcome!

You should feel safe to leave your child at Lilla Snigel.

We want to create a space for the whole family to be able to grow together!


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